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Washing Machine Full Valet in Leeds

Washing Machine Full Valet in Leeds

How it works



Select the date and time for would like your cleaning professional to show up



An experienced, fully equipped cleaning professional will show up on time at your door step



Relax knowing your payment is securely handled online and your clean comes with a satisfaction guarantee

Washing machine valet services typically involve visiting your home to provide a thorough cleaning and maintenance service for your washing machine. Our service usually includes the following:


Before and after cleaning, our technician will test the washing machine to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently, before carrying out any essential maintenance.


Our technician will examine the machine to identify any potential issues or damages that may be affecting its performance.


Our technician will clean the interior and exterior of the washing machine, removing dirt, detergent residue, limescale, and other build-up to improve its cleanliness and efficiency.


Our technician will clean and unclog the washing machine's filters, ensuring optimal water flow and preventing blockages.


Our technician will clean the drum of the washing machine, removing any lint, debris, or mold that may have accumulated over time.


If necessary, our technician may perform a descaling treatment to remove limescale deposits from the washing machine's internal components. This helps to maintain the machine's performance & prolong its lifespan.

Our Washing Machine Valet Service is currently available in selected areas. Please visit our website or contact our customer support for information on service availability in your location.

Benefits of our Washing Machine Valet Service:

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