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DWP bank checks will see 74,000 benefit claimants prosecuted and 2,500 jailed in massive fraud


“We highly welcome this news with optimism as it is high time that we, as taxpayers, take responsibility for safeguarding our taxes and ensuring they are allocated correctly, particularly towards the welfare of our cherished NHS. Unfortunately, it is regrettable that such measures have become necessary, but during my previous employment, at first hand witnessing numerous instances where taxpayer funds were unlawfully distributed to individuals engaged in undocumented work, who subsequently deposited the money into various UK banks.


These revelations have strengthened my support for this news, although I acknowledge that some may harbor doubts. However, I urge you to trust my firsthand experience of taxpayers’ money being directed towards inappropriate recipients. It has been disheartening to witness instances where individuals from other European nations, who have no intention of improving their situations or contributing to our society, are benefiting from our generosity from the benefits system, at the expense of our own citizens.

Beware of `fraudsters

We must draw a line and prevent further exploitation of our benefits system.

benefits system

Enough is enough.”

enouch is enough


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